Customer Service

Building Relationships Is Everything

We’re a family-owned business, passed down through the generations, so we understand the importance of building and maintaining strong professional relationships. Knowing what our customers want and need allows us to provide them with the best possible experience.

At Santa Monica Seafood, we believe that establishing individual relationships with each of our clients helps facilitate strong relationships all the way from the port to the plate. And that is the foundation for culinary excellence.

We therefore provide the Customer Service connectivity via the one resource our customers most value: another human voice; and one that can be counted on to provide the information and problem-solving skills you can rely on.

Our devoted Customer Service staff has been trained to do just that. They know our operation inside and out, and are assigned to do everything within their power to service any given customer’s needs.

They are razor sharp when it comes to up to the minute product pricing as well as staying abreast of daily inventory levels. They know how to accommodate requests for custom cuts of seafood, not to mention lower cost alternatives.

In a word, our Customer Service staff are Santa Monica Seafood’s front-line ‘experts’, ready to help you with any and all of your seafood buying and delivery needs.