Seafood Labeling

What you need to know...

Country of Origin
All of your Santa Monica Seafood invoices will list the Country of Origin for each species that you order. This is a great place to start. Sometimes just knowing that a fish or shellfish was harvested in the U.S. or Canada will satisfy a customers need to know. But, we are always happy to provide you with more detailed information on request.

Farmed vs. Wild
All of your Santa Monica Seafood invoices will also note if the product is farmed or wild.

Fishing or Farming Method
Although we don’t list the detailed method for capture or raising of each species that we sell, this information can be found in our Product Guide.

Scientific Name of each of the species you are retailing can also be found in our Product Guide.

Although the mislabeling of seafood, or seafood fraud gets a lot of press, mislabeled fish are often just being called by regional, creative or colloquial names. Many fish species are given unique market names in different parts of the country. For instance, we commonly call rockfish “Pacific Snapper” in California. However, the USDA requires the accurate use of acceptable names for seafood. Their Seafood List (a list of all species names the U.S. Food and Drug Administration accepts on labels for seafood), is the best guide to proper labeling of seafood in your case and it can be found here: