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Los Angeles Fish Co. LogoExperts in Asian Seafood Products and Techniques

Sushi and sashimi preparation requires only the freshest, highest of quality fish. Fortunately, there’s no need to travel to Japan to find it thanks to the presence of LA Fish, located right outside Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles.

LA Fish established its reputation as being the first to commercially import fresh Japanese seafood by air right to your door in Southern California. This includes Hamachi, Kanpachi, Sanma, Aji, Tai Snapper and Tako. They even bring fresh Wasabi root from Japan!

LA Fish also offers the finest imported yellowfin & bigeye along with a wide assortment of sushi grade ‘local’ seafood. The list includes; Sablefish, Rock Cod, Sea Urchins/Uni Roe and live Santa Barbara Shrimp. Farmed Abalone and local spiny California lobsters are also items they specialize in.

What LA Fish has to offer goes far beyond its premium seafood offerings. It’s expert Japanese staff offers 100+ years of experience. They have the ability to provide LA Fish’s customers a vast resource for product education, preparation tips as well as an abundance of techniques for optimizing flavor and presentation.

It’s that knowledge base, along with LA Fish’s vast selection and unparalleled level of service that explains why discriminating chefs and high-end markets rely on LA Fish for the unique approach to seafood only they can offer.

420 Stanford Ave.  |  Los Angeles, CA 90013  |  Phone: (213) 629-1213

Tuesday to Friday: 7am-10am  |  Saturday: 6am-9am  |  Sunday & Monday: Closed

Fish on ice

No open toe shoes allowed inside the building.
Please wear a hair net and beard net provided at the front, before entering the facility.
Use gloves provided when touching any seafood item.