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Bringing the Best of the Ocean to You and Your Customers with Direct Seafood Delivery.

Unmatched Refrigerated Trucking: Delivering Six Days a Week Across the Southwest and Beyond.

With a delivery area that spans most of California, Nevada, New Mexico, West Texas, and Arizona, we have structured a fleet and distribution operation that ensures that the product freshness that leaves our processing facility is what arrives at your door.

  • Our trucks are designed to maintain optimal temperatures and use the latest technology to control and monitor the entire delivery process from both a safety and quality perspective.
  • Every truck is refrigerated and utilizes a monitoring system to control inside temperature and to report any temperature variances or equipment malfunctions.
  • Our Logistic department’s Satellite Vehicle Monitoring System provides real-time vehicle locations as well as travel history (speed violations, excessive idling, etc.), time at delivery locations, and location alerts (entering and exiting selected areas and regions).
  • Routing Software provides the Company optimization of routes and dynamic routing to generate revised routes based on a variety of parameters.

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