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Overnight Shipping of Fresh and Frozen Seafood

For 80 years, we have serviced the needs of restaurants and other foodservice establishments throughout Southern California and in more recent decades, Arizona and Las Vegas. That delivery reach via our network of refrigerated trucks has extended into Central California as well as New Mexico & West Texas. Our air freight program allows all of our high quality seafood products to be available throughout the entire US. Learn all about it by watching the short video below. By using FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery, we can ship virtually every product we sell. As long as we can ship it safely we will offer it for sale. For a complete list of the products we offer, peruse our seafood guide.

SMS air freight is available for orders taken Monday through Thursday for delivery the following Tuesday through Friday. Monday and Saturday deliveries are not available. Orders need to be placed by 11am and you will generally receive it the next day by 10:30am (If you are more than 100 miles from the nearest FedEx hub your order will likely arrive by 5pm).

Once you set up your account, which can be a house charge account or a credit card on file, your SMS sales representative will begin working with you. Our sales representatives are seafood and culinary experts who can identify the exact products most suited to your business and menu application. They will take your orders either by phone or by fax.

Once you have gotten the hang of placing orders with us, we will introduce you to our on-line ordering system which makes placing an order easier than ever. If you ever need to speak with a sales representative, there is always someone to assist you. Please refer to our customer service hours by clicking here.

We have developed a packaging system to ensure the product you receive is as fresh as when it left our facility in Los Angeles:

  1. We start with an exterior box, which has passed FedEx’s rigorous testing process, and holds up to 60 pounds of seafood.
  2. An insulating foil liner covers the interior of the box to assist in maintaining temperature and avoiding leakage.
  3. All of our fresh product will be vacuum sealed to minimize damage during the shipping process but also to minimize moisture loss. Frozen product will be enclosed in plastic bags and live product will be placed in mesh bags/plastic bags.
  4. Cold packs are included to maintain an internal product temperature of 38 Degrees.
  5. And most importantly, the entire packaging process takes place in a 38 degree environment to further ensure that when you receive your product it is as fresh as possible.

If you would like additional information or would like to open an account with us, please complete the brief form below.

Santa Monica Seafood commits to providing our nationwide customers the same selection and quality of products that our customers in Southern California have enjoyed for more than 80 years. We hope to hear from you soon.