We're Everywhere You Need Us to Be

Exceptional seafood begins with expert sourcing, handling, and processing

Although our headquarters has been based in southern California since 1939, we are proud to own and operate additional facilities all over the southwestern United States. To that end, we employ a Total Quality Management program to ensure only the freshest seafood enters and leaves our facilities. We employ a careful system of checks and balances, including:

  • Routine product inspections, to certify proper storage and handling
  • Documentation requirements, including origin and chain of custody information
  • Strict oversight of processors by on-site supervisors
  • Caps on employee shifts to reduce fatigue- and stress-related workplace accidents
  • Equipment and space cleaning using stringent Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocols

Our satellite locations share this tight focus on not just food safety but best business practices.


Delivery Reach: We're Everywhere You Need Us to Be

Operating out of Los Angeles, San Diego, Hayward, and Atascadero in California, as well as Las Vegas in Nevada, and Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona, we have established a strong presence across the United States. Additionally, our services extend to Albuquerque in New Mexico and Chicago in Illinois. With our SMS Chef Express program, we are able to deliver fresh or frozen seafood anywhere in the country. This ensures that our reach extends to every buyer, guaranteeing their access to our high-quality products!


Facilities: Designed for Excellence

Exceptional seafood begins with expert sourcing, handling, and processing. At Santa Monica Seafood Company, our facilities are designed for safety, freshness, and unsurpassed quality. We’re not just the largest seafood-only distributor in the southwestern United States – we’re also the best. Our efficient preparation and packaging processes get seafood from our various locations to your establishment in the shortest amount of time, retaining the freshness and quality we pride ourselves on. Delivering fresh seafood from a safe environment requires strict attention to detail – and strict adherence to standards, policies, and procedures.

Locally Caught Product: Santa Monica Seafood's Welcoming Arms

The integration of Chesapeake Fish by Santa Monica Seafood has been instrumental in preserving our local California fisheries. Chesapeake Fish has joined us as a partner in protecting our coastal fishing resources.

Without their support, our local fishing fleets would face significant challenges, leading to the probable loss of our fisheries. Santa Monica Seafood has provided a crucial home for locally-caught products, ensuring their continued availability and security.


Los Angeles

Our flagship location in LA serves as our corporate headquarters and offers the freshest seafood in town, sourced locally and globally, ensuring top-quality seafood for Southern California's discerning foodies.


Bringing the taste of the ocean to the Midwest, our Chicago location provides a wide array of case ready seafood options, allowing customers to enjoy coastal flavors inland.



Nestled in the heart of Maryland's seafood tradition, our Baltimore location offers the finest seafood for our national grocery customers.

Downtown Los Angeles

LA Fish established its reputation as the first to commercially import fresh Japanese seafood by air right to your door in Southern California. 


Bay Area/Sacramento

Located in the heart of the Bay Area, our Hayward location supplies seafood to restaurants and hotels embodying the region's commitment to sustainable and delectable ocean fare.

Las Vegas

In the desert oasis of Las Vegas, we provide a seafood haven for locals and tourists alike, offering a diverse selection of seafood to complement the city's vibrant culinary scene.


San Diego

At Chesapeake Bay we serve the coastal community of San Diego and showcase the bounty of the Pacific Ocean, ensuring that our customers have access to the freshest seafood available.

Central Coast California

Central Coast hub: Santa Monica Seafood's Atascadero branch provides premier fresh & frozen seafood, serving efficient coverage & expert support to chefs & restaurateurs.



Our Phoenix branch caters to the Arizona desert with a selection of seafood that brings a taste of the coast to the Sonoran Desert, satisfying cravings for ocean-inspired cuisine.

New Mexico

Even in the high desert of New Mexico, our Albuquerque location brings the flavors of the sea to the Southwest, offering an array of seafood products for landlocked enthusiasts.



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