Extensive Selection


Our Ocean of Products is Both Wide and Deep

Santa Monica Seafood provides the best of both worlds. Thanks to both air transport and refrigeration advances, the Company’s product list includes fish from every corner of the globe.

However, we simultaneously are proud supporters of local fisheries. This includes two dedicated docks for offloading locally harvested fish. This includes Chesapeake Fish Company in San Diego and Morro Bay Fish Company on the central California coast, both wholly owned by Santa Monica Seafood.

Our weekly Dockside Report streams a constant feed of information including seasonal changes and weather conditions impacting landings both near and far. This allows our customers to build their menus around available inventory which is both fresh and accessible.

As to our global supply chain, Santa Monica Seafood is continuously monitoring the marketplace to maintain balanced inventory levels while expanding our product based on new and exciting seafood options. Thanks to our purchasing clout, we often have the fish others do not. Consistency of availability is a quality we strive for daily.