The Science of Buying Seafood as Artistry

Securing the highest seafood quality requires not just years, but decades of buying experience – particularly given Santa Monica Seafood’s commitment to protecting our precious ocean resources. However, rather than waiting for the best quality to find its way to us, we go to the fish, at its source.

Santa Monica Seafood procurement specialists travel the world, meeting with new suppliers and reviewing both their facilities and methods of operation. Only then, once we’re assured that all of our rigorous quality standards have been met, do we consider purchasing product – insisting on the best quality at a competitive price. This is an on-going review process required of all of our approved suppliers.

The result is our customers can rely on a ready access to not just a vast array of seafood options, but also only the freshest most wholesome products. This assurance includes careful quality control inspection of every item received through our doors. We strive to meet the level of excellence our customers’ expect of us. That means we’re never afraid to reject product that in any ways fails to meet our detailed specifications.

The Santa Monica Seafood sourcing advantage is simple: Thanks to the many strong partnerships Santa Monica Seafood has created with its suppliers over many decades in business, virtually any seafood item a customer desires is quickly within reach.