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June 2, 2023


Frozen White Shrimp- (5 x 2-LB BAGS)
SHR2139 - 26/30,RAW,PDTO,NON-PHOSPHATE, 10-LB CASE - $4.99/lb

Copper River Sockeye Salmon - Wild-caught, Copper River, Alaska
SAL193 - FIL,S/OFF - $13.99/lb
SAL195 - FIL,S/ON- $12.99/lb

Barramundi– Farm-raised, Arizona, USA
BAR1003 - FILLET,SK/OFF, PBO - $15.79/lb
BAR1004 - FILLET,SK/ON,PBO - $14.49/lb

California Flounder– Wild-caught, Pacific Ocean, Mexico
700233 - FIL,S/ON,LARGE (MX) - $8.99/lb
700234 - FIL,S/OFF,LARGE (MX) - $9.99/lb

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