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SAL168/167 White King Salmon Fillet, Skin On/Off CHA104/103 Icelandic Char Fillet, Skin On/Off TRO143/144 Loch Etive Steelhead Trout Fillet, Skin On/Off, PBO

Chef Vince Terusa

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Before attending culinary school, Chef Vince Terusa was a professional drummer and college percussion teacher. He sees many parallels between making music and leading a cohesive, talented team in a restaurant kitchen. Musical and culinary arts involve creativity, collaboration, “performing” and working with one’s hands to generate a product for an audience’s enjoyment. Terusa, an Orange County native, teaches various …

This Week’s Report

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PACIFIC HALIBUT Wild harvested Halibut has a wonderful firm white flesh and a mild yet rich flavor.  Because they feed voraciously on crabs, shrimp and other fish they build a complex flavor profile and excellent muscle tone.  Alaska is known worldwide for the  quality of their seafood, and Halibut is no exception. SKULL ISLAND PRAWNS From the Gulf of Carpentaria, …

Culinary Director, Eddie Moran

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Having learned a variety of world cuisines under the tutelage of many prestigious chefs, Chef Eddie Moran has brought his culinary talent and expertise to Foundation 10 Creative in Palm Springs. Chef Moran comes from a family of cooks where the kitchen was always crowded. Naturally, he was drawn to cooking at a young age. He watched classic PBS kitchen …

Chef Brandon Testi

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Chef Brandon Testi was classically trained in culinary arts from Riverside Culinary Academy in Riverside, California, and graduated with honors at the top of his class. He has utilized his original, modern style at a variety of restaurants and resorts ranging from Angels Stadium in Anaheim to The Archer Hotel in Austin, Texas. After years of refining his skills and …

Chef Vince Cultraro

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Chef Vince Cultraro started his culinary career as a dishwasher at a resort hotel in Marzamemi, Sicily. Born by the sea in Southern Italy, seafood becomes a way of life. There, he used to dive for sea urchins and eat them raw. He would also catch Octopus, a favorite of his, and immediately cook it on the beach over a …

Chef Jason McClain

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Chef Jason McClain has developed a departure from traditional club fare, with a new take on food and beverage offerings at the Jonathan Club. A 120-year-old private club, Jonathan Club’s members are comprised of community leaders and trailblazers serving as esteemed participants in the cultural life of Los Angeles. Chef Jason received his formal training at the Culinary Institute of …

Chef Thomas Moran

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With over 30 years of culinary and management experience, Chef Thomas Moran brings his unique blend of exciting, balanced cuisine to Justice Urban Tavern at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Chef Thomas attended The Culinary Institute of America in New York before becoming an award-winning chef at restaurants and five-star hotels from Connecticut to California. Chef Thomas’ love …

Chef Hector Ibarra

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Born and raised in Santa Ynez Valley, Chef Hector Ibarra’s love for culinary began at an early age. His earliest memories were made in the kitchen with his family, creating different styles of Latin cuisine. As a young boy visiting his relatives in Mexico, Hector would catch fish with his uncle and bring them back for dinner at his grandmother’s …

Chef Igor Krichmar

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Executive Chef Igor Krichmar brings years of impeccable culinary and hospitality experience at prestigious restaurants in England, Las Vegas, Utah and California to InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. With his extensive background in fresh and simple cuisine, Krichmar leads the culinary charge by crafting new menus and spearheading the hotel’s culinary mission. Additionally, Krichmar oversees the overall flow of InterContinental Los …