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smseafood Dockside Report

October 7, 2021 | volume 21, No.21

In an Effort to Protect Sea Turtles the Embargo on Wild-Caught Mexican Shrimp Continues

Since the early summer closure of the Wild Mexican Shrimp fishery, the US government has placed a ban on all importation of wild-caught Mexican shrimp. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is working with both US and Mexican governments in assessing the recent seasonal fishery opener. The primary reason for the existing ban of wild-caught Mexican shrimp importation revolves around sea turtle protection requirements. Preliminary feedback and insights from NOAA have been very positive at this point, and we’re hopeful we continue seeing positive results through the coming days and weeks. There are active plans and intentions from both US and Mexican governments to lift the existing embargo later this month. Time and further case studies will determine when we’ll see the embargo lifted.

Santa Monica Seafood will keep all our customers informed of further developments pertaining to this embargo…


New Caledonia Blue Shrimp

The New Caledonia blue shrimp has exceptional sensory characteristics, which are linked to its composition of amino acids. The levels of Glycine and Proline (main composite of honey) are particularly high in this species giving it a unique sweet flavor appreciated by the experts.

Its beautiful blue color is due to the purity of the New Caledonian lagoon waters and the natural food supply from the lagoon’s plankton. Once cooked, it takes a beautiful orange-pink hue without any dye.

New Caledonia Blue shrimp has a unique, sweet taste, with a firm, melt-in-the-mouth flesh appreciated by top chefs.

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Pink Ribbon Oysters – Special Order Only

Give your customers a reason to keep ordering and enjoying more of these special oysters! Every dozen on the half shell helps find a cure. 25% net revenue of every Pink Ribbon Oyster is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF is the highest-rated breast cancer organization in the U.S. with an A+ rating from Charity Watch and 4 stars from Charity Navigator. Click HERE to view the video.

Pink Ribbon Oysters are uniformly cleaned and graded by hand to share consistent qualities: Petite, plump, and without cracks, which ensures natural moisture and superlative fridge life. Pair these lovely oysters with a delicious blush wine – white zinfandel, pink Moscato or rose to tie in with pink for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

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How are you dealing with rude customers?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal helps to highlight some of the problems faced by restaurants dealing with customer tantrums. Chris Sirianni of the Brewerie in

Pennsylvania taped a message to the front door of the restaurant that stated: “BE KIND OR LEAVE.” See the complete message HERE.

With staff shortages widespread throughout the restaurant and hospitality industry, protecting workers is an important retention strategy. Sending a message of support to staff may even help improve repeat business from customers who value compassion and bosses who back their staff.

Click the button below to download a digital copy of a “be kind” sign for your use.




Live Oysters: To Ice, or Not to Ice?

Ice is never recommended unless the oyster is shucked on the half shell and ready to be served. Never let them sit in standing water as this can cause mortality.



Restaurateur & Chef
Rainer Schwarz

of Driftwood Kitchen | The Deck | Hendrix

Restaurateur & Chef Rainer Schwarz combines a rich cultural past with the finest culinary training to present menus unlike any other found in the region. His style of cooking focuses on simplicity by using only the best possible high-quality, seasonal ingredients. One of his passions is to pair each dish on his menu with the best possible wine selection.

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Santa Monica Seafood is proud to serve Michelin Star restaurants. Congratulations to Hayato, Knife Pleat, and Vespertine.