Soup’s on for the Holidays

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With the busiest month of the year underway, we have a quick suggestion for your menu (and yes, it does feature king crab legs)!

We’re talking about Tracy’s King Crab Bisque – direct from Juneau, Alaska! This is a unique, handcrafted soup option that’s perfect for this busy month (and beyond). Tracy’s crew has been making their delicious King Crab Bisque for happy diners in Juneau since 2006 and it’s won numerous awards, including the coveted People’s Choice Award from the Alaska Symphony of Seafood.

We’re excited to be the region’s exclusive distributor of this delicious bisque.

Available by the case (4 each 64 oz. pouches), Tracy’s King Crab Bisque is easy to use – just boil in the bag until ready to serve. You can also heat it on the stove top. And as delicious as this bisque is on its own, you can also use it in a variety of recipes. We’re thinking King Crab Risotto, Pot Pies and Enchiladas to start! Ask your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep for more info on how to work Tracy’s King Crab bisque into your menu.