Bass, Wild Striped


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Wild striped bass (often called “rockfish” on the East Coast)

Available Year-Round


Where – Virginia, Maryland

How – Wild Caught; Longline


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Wild striped bass is a well managed fishery; coastal states work within strict quota limits. Wild striped bass have firm meat that cooks up velvety and flaky, and their skin crisps up deliciously when cooked. This fish is not only incredibly delicious, its also very versatile and takes well to almost every cooking application.

Alternatives include baquetta bass, farm striped bass, or grouper.

For Your Menu

Sear it, saute it, grill it, roast it – this fish will shine no matter what you do to it (just don’t overcook it)!  Pair it with lightly cooked spring vegetables, grill it with fresh herbs, steam it with asian spices, stuff it with fresh crab meat, just get it on your menu!

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers have questions on the status of wild striped bass stocks, you can remind them they are very responsibly managed.  In fact, it’s a fish that’s not always on the menu – it’s so well managed it can be hard to source!  Enjoy it while you can…

For Your Retail Display

Make sure you display a few Wild Striped Bass fillets striped sides up – that will definitely draw your customer’s eyes to this beautiful fish!