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GreenGreen – Best Choice


Perhaps the original farmed fish – and still the second most commonly raised fish in the world (carp is #1).

Available Year-Round


Where – Honduras, Ecuador

How – Farm Raised


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Quality fish, raised in pristine, carefully maintained water, have a clean, fresh taste, lean meat and a firm, flaky texture when cooked.

Alternatives include sole, basa or catfish

For Your Menu

Tilapia is incredibly versatile and easy to work with. Fillets come in ready to cook – skinless, boneless – just season and saute, broil or bake – ready in minutes! This is a great fish to showcase a signature sauce on – its mild flavor provides a perfect base! Looking for a fish to add to your kids menu? Tilapia is a natural choice.

For Your Waitstaff

With its mild taste, firm but flaky texture, and clean, white color – tilapia is a fish anyone can love!  Feel comfortable recommending this fish to anyone – even kids!

For Your Retail Display

You’re going to sell lots of tilapia – it’s very popular! Build a beautiful layered display and make sure your customers have plenty of Tilapia.