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YellowYellow – Good Alternative


A farm raised relative of the catfish family commonly called Sutchi Catfish from Vietnam.

Available Year-Round


Where – Vietnam

How – Farm Raised


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If you’re looking for a mild tasting fish at a great price, check into Swai. It cooks up white and flaky with a sweet mild, taste.

For Your Menu

Use Swai as you would catfish – bake it, broil it, pan or deep-fry it – it’s pretty versatile and easy to work with. Kids love it – so maybe add it to your kid’s menu.

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers wonder about Swai, let them know it’s a tasty alternative to catfish – mild and delicious (great for people who claim they don’t like “fishy” fish).

For Your Retail Display

These beautiful white fillets are a great way to offer people an easy to cook fish at a great price – make sure you point it out!