Mackerel (Farmed), Spanish


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GreyGrey – Unranked


Farmed Mackerel from the Mediterranean

Available via Special Order Only


Where – Mediterranean

How – Farm Raised


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Spanish Mackerel cooks up flaky and moist, with a full rich flavor.  Bonus – Mackerel is rich in omega-3 fatty acids!  These farmed Mackerel are pre-order only and are available in the whole (round) form (200-300 grams).

For Your Menu

Enjoy Mackerel grilled (the skin crisps up nicely) and pair with local fresh herbs to make the most of it’s Mediterranean heritage.

For Your Waitstaff

Remember that Mackerel can have a bit of a stronger flavor than most fish – make sure your guest is looking for that kind of experience!

For Your Retail Display

If you have the chance to display a whole mackerel – do it! It’s a beautiful fish and will draw people to your case.