Snook (a.k.a. Robalo)


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Snook (aka: Robalo or Sergeant Fish) has a distinct lateral line, high, divided dorsal fin, sloping forehead and a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw.

This fish can be found anywhere from Central Florida to South America and the Gulf of Mexico, usually inshore in the coastal and brackish waters, along mangrove shorelines, seawalls, and bridges.

Available from December to April


Where: Mexico and Ecuador

How: Wild Caught; Gillnet


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Snook has a firm texture, cooks up white, flaky and moist and lends itself to most cooking applications. We do recommend removing the skin from the flesh since the meat can develop an unpleasant soapy taste when cooked with the skin on.

For Your Menu

Snook is extremely easy and versatile to cook with. Prepare it as you would with California White Seabass, Cod and Grouper. This fish is great to sauté, grill, bake, pan roast, broil and sous vide!

This game fish is generally available around the winter months – we recommend adding Snook to your Winter or early Spring menus.

For Your Waitstaff

If your customers are looking for a clean tasting fish that’s rich, moist and flaky when cooked, have them to try Snook. This rare fish might become their new seasonal favorite!

For Your Retail Display

Like we note above – make a big deal out of this fish if you get the chance to add it to your case! The seasonality window is small, so make sure customers take advantage of it when it’s available.