Scallops, Sea


Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


Wild harvested from the Atlantic from Massachusetts to Canada, this delicious bi-valve has long been a menu staple.  Dry pack scallops are not treated with chemical additives.

Available Year-Round


Where – Massachusetts, Maine, Canada

How – Wild Caught/Dredge


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Scallops have a sweet, uniquely rich taste.  Before cooking, their meat is a shiny, translucent white or ivory and they should be firm to the touch.  After cooking their meat turns more opaque.   Scallops are sorted by number of pieces to the pound; U/10 (under 10) scallops to the pound or 10/20 count (10 to 20 scallops to the pound) if you want something a bit smaller.

For Your Menu

Fantastic raw or cured, scallops cook quickly and are a customer favorite.  Our dry packs sear up beautifully and are an amazing addition to your entree menu.  Smaller scallops are great in soups and stews or paired with pasta or risotto.

For Your Waitstaff

The richness of scallops is complimented by many styles of Chardonnay, but it all depends on the chef’s preparation.  Scallops are a more flavorful seafood with a distinct flavor, keep that in mind as you make wine suggestions.   You may hear guests referring to “scallops” cut from cod or monkfish to save money – this may have been a practice in the past, but reputable fish mongers would never stoop to that level!

For Your Retail Display

If you’re able, wrap some large sea scallops with bacon and display them in your case – your customers will love this easy and delicious entree idea!