Prawns, Santa Barbara Spot


Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


Spot Prawns caught off the coast of California

Early Spring - Fall, somewhat sporadic availability


Where – California

How – Wild Caught; Pots


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Santa Barbara Spot Prawns are seasonal and sporadically available – so when your sales representative says we’ve got some on hand, act fast! Firm, lobsterlike meat with a sweet and delicious flavor – these are no ordinary shrimp!

For Your Menu

Keep the focus on the shrimp – highlight their amazing flavor with other fresh, local ingredients.

For Your Waitstaff

Local! Seasonal! Insanely Delicious! These shrimp should sell themselves, but don’t hesitate to talk them up…

For Your Retail Display

If you have the chance to bring in some of these big, beautiful shrimp, jump on it!  They will add an amazing pop of color to your case.