Salmon, Skuna Bay

Jason Oh

Sustainability Rating:

Blue – Eco-Certified


Skuna Bay Salmon is selected for you by one of six approved salmon experts at a small, family-owned operation in British Columbia by salmon professionals who have the same level of pride in their profession as you do in yours. They ensure that only the very best salmon are chosen and prepared to the most exacting standards.

Available Year-Round


Where – Canada

How – Farm-raised


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Skuna Bay salmon epitomizes perfection with its distinct features: shimmering silver scales, vibrant red gills, a robust and plump belly, free from any blemishes, and consistently boasting a firm, substantial texture. Its flavor profile is characterized by a delicate mildness, a tender and buttery richness, all underscored by its signature firm texture, ensuring a consistently delightful dining experience.

For Your Menu

Chefs should consider incorporating Skuna Bay salmon onto their menus for its unmatched quality, exquisite taste, and versatility in various culinary applications. Its superior characteristics, including impeccable texture, delicate flavor, and consistency, guarantee a premium dining experience that delights customers and elevates any dish.

Chefs, adding Skuna Bay salmon to your menu brings a world of culinary possibilities. Consider showcasing its excellence through dishes like cedar-plank grilled salmon with a citrus glaze, seared Skuna Bay salmon with a herb-infused butter sauce, or even a delightful salmon tartare with fresh herbs and avocado. The exceptional quality of Skuna Bay salmon ensures an extraordinary dining experience, whether grilled, seared, or served raw.


For Your Waitstaff

To effectively promote Skuna Bay salmon to guests, waitstaff can highlight its exceptional quality, flavor, and versatility. Skuna Bay salmon pairs wonderfully with a variety of wines due to its versatility. For a classic pairing, consider a light-bodied white wine such as a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio.


For Your Retail Display

For an appealing display of fresh Skuna Bay salmon in the seafood case, focus on these key aspects:

  • Visibility: Place the Skuna Bay salmon prominently in the case where it’s easily visible to customers.
  • Freshness: Ensure the salmon is displayed on a bed of ice to maintain its freshness and quality.
  • Clear Labeling: Use clear and informative labels to indicate that it’s Skuna Bay salmon, providing key details about its quality and origin.
  • Attractive Arrangement: Neatly arrange the fillets to showcase their vibrant color and pristine appearance.
  • Educational Material: Consider including engaging posters or small displays nearby, offering information about Skuna Bay salmon’s taste, sustainable sourcing, and cooking suggestions.

These strategies can help create an enticing and informative display that attracts customers’ attention and highlights the freshness and quality of Skuna Bay salmon.