Roe, Salmon


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Salted Roe harvested from wild coho and king salmon


Available Year-Round


Where – USA

How – Wild Caught/Gillnet, Purse Seine, Troll Caught



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Salmon roe has a bright orange color and large, firm berries. Size may range depending on when the roe was harvested.

For Your Menu

Used as part of a caviar tasting menu, Salmon Roe adds a wonderful contrast in both flavor and color.  It can also work as a beautiful garnish, or addition to sauces.

For Your Waitstaff

Let your guests know this roe is responsibly harvested and a great way to enjoy “caviar” guilt free!

For Your Retail Display

Keep a nice selection of caviar on hand for your customers – your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep can give you the whole list of what we offer. Don’t forget traditional accompaniments like blinis, sour cream or creme fraiche, chopped chives and hard boiled eggs.