Salmon, IceFjord


Sustainability Rating:

ASC Certified


ASC certified premium Atlantic Salmon from Iceland, where fish farming regulations are among the strictest in the world regarding environmental impact.

Available Year-Round


Where – Iceland

How – Farm-Raised

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IceFjord Salmon is raised and harvested in the pristine waters of Iceland, home to only 1.5% of the world’s salmon production. This salmon is unique enough to be a true standout on your menu. Our Icelandic partners, exclusive to SMS, are vertically integrated, controlling every step of the process from hatchery, development, harvest, and shipping.

Food traceability and responsible farming are vital components of our sourcing strategy. IceFjord is committed to making all operations as transparent and sustainable as possible, assuring consumers can make informed decisions on their food choices. IceFjord also achieves exceptional flavor profiles and firm textures while supporting the highest standards in sustainable aquaculture.

  • Spacious Pens
  • No Antibiotics
  • No GMO
  • ASC Certified and BRC Certified

For Your Menu

Icelandic fish farming regulations are among the strictest in the world when it comes to environmental impact to protect their unique natural resources. These regulations, along with the wide-open space, pure air, and water, make IceFjord Premium Icelandic Salmon achieve a vibrant color, firm texture, and delicious taste.

For Your Waitstaff

Make sure your waitstaff are educated on this amazing fish so that they can relay the information to their guests.

This fantastic Icelandic Salmon is completely free of antibiotics and is also ASC Certified for responsible farming practices. Not to mention, it is super delicious with its firm texture and buttery flavor!

For Your Retail Display

As we mentioned above, your customers may have questions about Icelandic Salmon. We’re happy to work with you and your staff to help you learn more about this amazing fish from the land of fire and ice!