Shrimp, Ceviche Cut (Raw)


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Multiple Ratings


Ready-to-cook wild-caught Mexican Shrimp for ceviche dishes and other shrimp dish applications.

Available Year-Round


Where – Mexico

How – Wild-caught


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For Your Menu

If your guests are looking for a light and refreshing appetizer, then Shrimp ceviche is it! This easy-to-make dish served with diced avocado, tomato, jalapeño peppers, and onion is a fantastic item to add to any menu!

You can also get creative with this raw cut shrimp by adding it into a stir fry, stuffed in ravioli and egg rolls, or even molded into a patty – the possibilities are endless!

For Your Waitstaff

Nothing pairs better with shrimp ceviche than an ice-cold beer. Suggest a beer from Mexico or if you can source it, a beer from the origin of ceviche – Peru or Ecuador!

For Your Retail Display

The ease of this product is an incredible selling point since it comes already peeled and chopped! If customers want to save time and energy, they can just grab a bag out from the freezer themselves or stop by the seafood case for an already thawed-out version.