Oysters, Pink Moon


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen-Best Choice


Influenced by Hope River, which supplies nutrients and tumbling currents, Pink Moon Oysters are raised in top water suspension cages comprised of a series of nets suspended in positively buoyant cages. The bay’s cold waters make the oysters grow slower, but promote hard shells. Time to market: 4 to 6 years.

Available year-round


Where: New London Bay – Prince Edward Island, Canada

How: Farmed


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Sold in 100 ct. bags, these 2.75″ size oysters has a medium cocktail cup
with brown shells.  Its creamy meat has a perfect balance of salt and
mineral on the finish.

Prop 65 Information

For Your Menu

Enjoy these oysters chilled on the half shell by adding them to your
raw bar or seafood platter. Or, try tossing them on the grill and serving
them warm with a bit of compound butter. However you serve them,
these oysters are guaranteed to excite your customers!

For Your Waitstaff

Pink Moon Oysters are nice and briny – make sure your guests have
plenty of ice cold beer or a crisp white wine to keep their whistles wet!

For Your Retail Display

Don’t forget the lemons, limes and cocktail sauce – these colorful
items can brighten up any oyster display.