Halibut, Pacific


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Halibut from the Pacific Northwest.

Available fresh Mid-March through Mid-November Available frozen and refreshed Mid-November through Mid-March


Where: Alaska and Canada

How: Wild Caught, Long-line


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Wild harvested halibut has wonderfully firm but flaky white flesh and a mild yet rich flavor.  Because they feed voraciously on crabs, shrimp and other fish they build a complex flavor profile and excellent muscle tone.  Alaska is known worldwide for the  quality of their seafood, and halibut is no exception.

For Your Menu

Halibut tastes great deep fried – make the most of it by using a house made beer batter featuring a quality beer.  Then, it’s simple to menu it with that same beer.  If you want something more elegant, halibut pairs well with bolder whites and depending on your preparation can work well with a pinot noir.

For Your Waitstaff

Make the most of the season and generate excitement for this great fish while it’s in season.  If your customers have travelled to Alaska, chances are they’ve fished for halibut (or at least saw some at the dock) and enjoying this fish with friends is a great way to relive those fun memories.  Halibut is also a great fish for non-fish eaters, so recommend it across the board.   It’s also sustainable – strong populations and targeted harvest techniques make it a Best Choice.

For Your Retail Display

Just like in a restaurant, seasonality sells!  Remind your customers that the Alaska halibut season is only open from March through November so it’s a good idea to enjoy this fish while it’s available.