Oysters, Pacific (Shucked)


Sustainability Rating:

Green – Best Choice


Shucked small Western (Pacific) oysters in a 1/2 gallon size tub.

Available Year-Round


Where: Washington

How: Farm raised

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These Western Oysters are the next best thing to live oysters and will save you a lot of time and labor from having to clean and shuck them!  Makes for an easy grab and cook item for busy chefs from all around.

When cooked, oyster meat has a creamy taste and texture with a hint of sweetness and briny finish.

For Your Menu

Not intended for raw consumption. Cook thoroughly.

Simply add these delicious delicate meat into a signature batter for an ultimate fried oyster appetizer or oyster po’ boy sandwiches.  These are also great for stuffings, topped with herbs and parmesan then broiled or added in soups and stews!

For Your Waitstaff

Let your customers know that Oysters are a sustainable seafood option – so keep enjoying it!

We recommend pairing cooked oysters with a crisp dry white wine or a refreshing cold beer!

For Your Retail Display

Make sure you keep this item constantly chilled either in the seafood case or refrigerator.