Oysters, Sweet Island Kiss


Sustainability Rating:

Green – Best Choice


A fantastic farm-raised oysters from Canada



Where: Rustico, Prince Edward Island
How: Farm-raised


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 Harvested from the crystal clear waters of Rustico, Sweet Island Kiss oysters offer an exceptional culinary experience. These choice size delicacies boast a briny flavor with a hint of sweetness and crispness that will tantalize any taste buds! Perfectly sized at 3 to 3 1/2 inches each, your guests will savor every drop as they transport them away on this exciting shellfish adventure.

For Your Menu

These oysters are a tantalizing treat! Offer them raw in the half-shell, or cooked for an oceanic feast. No matter how you choose to serve these succulent shellfish, they make a fantastic accompaniment to any menu.

For Your Waitstaff

These oysters are nice and briny – make sure your guests have plenty of ice cold beer or a crisp white wine to keep their whistles wet!

For Your Retail Display

Accent your oyster display with lemons, a few bottles of Santa Monica Seafood Cocktail Sauce, and Tabasco. It doesn’t hurt to have some oyster-shucking knives available too!