Orange Roughy


Sustainability Rating:

RedRed – Avoid


Also known as Slimehead

Available Year-Round


Where – New Zealand

How – Wild Caught; Trawl


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Fresh Orange Roughy has bright orange skin and beautiful pearly, white meat that cooks up mild and flaky.

For Your Menu

Since orange roughy has such a delicate flavor – don’t overwhelm it with strong seasonings or sauces. It cooks up moist and flaky – and is best gently broiled, sautéed or poached.

For Your Waitstaff

Fresh Orange Roughy is a real treat since much of this fish makes its way into the market frozen. Your guests will love this delicate and flaky fish.

For Your Retail Display

Make sure your customers who are looking for a mild fish give Orange Roughy a try – its a fish almost everyone loves.