Minterbrook Oyster


Sustainability Rating:

Green-Best Choice

Minterbrook Oysters are grown around the Hood canal area of the Puget Sound. These oysters are hand farmed throughout the harvesting, sorting, and packing processes.
Available year-round


Where: Washington State

How: Farm raised


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Minterbrook Oysters are packed in 120 count cases and are nicely laid in special trays. These oysters are farmed by hand in each step of the process from hatchery to final sorting. The oysters are picked, graded, and then head back to the salt water to sit on the beach and continue their hardening process. Minterbrooks have a full cup with a very sweet and mild oyster taste.

For Your Menu
The meats are very full.  The taste is mild and sweet as a result of the fresh water influence and excellent feed in the water.
Feature these oysters raw or cooked – your customers will love them! Like all West Coast oysters you can count on full, robust flavor, so work in your favorite accompaniment, or try them hot off the grill.

For Your Waitstaff

Make sure your guests have plenty of ice cold beer or a crisp white wine to enjoy with these tasty oysters.

For Your Retail Display

Don’t forget the lemons, limes and cocktail sauce – these colorful items can brighten up any oyster display.