Lobster, Live California Spiny


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The Spiny Lobster season opens on the first Wednesday of October and usually lasts through the end of March the following year.

The Southern California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interruptus) fishery began in the late 1800’s and has since become one of the most desirable lobsters in the world.

Did you know that Santa Monica Seafood started its business selling Spiny Lobsters?

October - March


Where: California

How: Wild; Hand harvested by local fishermen


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The meat of the Spiny Lobster tail is sweet and delicious, with a rich flavor. We carry several size options – check in with your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Representative to get the right size for your application.

Monday for Wednesday Delivery
Wednesday for Friday Delivery
Thursday for Saturday Delivery

For Your Menu

Compared to the Maine Lobster, the Spiny Lobster is much coarser in texture, but the flavor is exceptionally sweet and delicious. Fast cooking is essential for tender results.

Boiling, steaming, deep frying or charcoal grilling are all recommended.

For Your Waitstaff

This special item is perfect for special occasions since it’s not available year-round.

Have customers that are celebrating an anniversary? Valentine’s Day? Birthday?  California Spiny Lobsters are a great choice for people looking to celebrate!

For Your Retail Display

Get together with the Meat Department and offer a surf-n-turf special!