Lobster, Atlantic (Saddleback Tail w/ Scored C&K)


Sustainability Rating:

Cyan – Certified


Saddleback Atlantic Lobster tails with scored claws and knuckles.

Available Year-Round


Where: USA
How: Wild-caught

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For over 125 years, Gidney Fisheries has relied on the exceptional quality and flavor of North Atlantic Lobster, along with a strong work ethic that has been deeply ingrained in its tradition. Today, their focus is on growth through innovative lobster products and customized packaging solutions for both retail and food service industries.

Experience the remarkable difference with custom HPP frozen products made from North Atlantic hard-shell lobsters. Gidney lobsters ensure an unparalleled dining experience, boasting a harder shell and the fullest meat.

These premium-quality lobsters undergo processing using high-pressure processing (HPP) technology, which not only enhances food safety but also extends the shelf life while preserving the impeccable quality and freshness of the lobster meat until it reaches the table.

Gidney Fisheries remains committed to delivering lobster products that will astonish both chefs and consumers alike, thanks to their superior presentation and unforgettable flavor.

• Utilizes intense pressure instead of thermal treatments to eliminate harmful microorganisms and improve food safety.
• Preserves the natural colors, flavors, and textures of the meat, enhancing product quality and satisfaction.
• Extends the shelf life, enabling longer storage, transportation, and distribution while maintaining freshness and flavor.

For Your Menu

Our saddleback lobster tails and scored claws and knuckles are here to make your life easier in the kitchen. With these prepped and ready-to-go ingredients, all you have to do is add your culinary touch and transform them into a signature masterpiece. Get ready to impress with the freshest lobster meat available!

For Your Waitstaff

These saddleback lobster tails are an absolute crowd-pleaser! Their exceptional quality and rich flavor will leave your customers in awe. And when it comes to presentation, these tails are unmatched. Get ready to wow your guests with a dish that is sure to be a hit!

For Your Retail Display

Enhance your seafood case with the stunning display of our Saddleback lobster tail and claw set! These magnificent treasures from the sea deserve to be showcased in all their glory. Arrange them in a bed of crushed ice, surrounded by vibrant lemon slices and fresh herbs, creating an eye-catching presentation that will captivate your customers.