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Actually a member of the greenling family, Lingcod isn’t a cod at all, but gets its name from the cod-like appearance of its meat.

Available year-round as fresh and previously frozen (sold as refreshed)


Where – Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, California

How – Wild-caught; longline, trawl


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Lingcod has lean meat that turns white when cooked, with a firm, almost dense texture. It has a deliciously mild, slightly sweet flavor.

For Your Menu

Feature Lingcod like you would any firm white fish – it’s great in fish-n-chips, perfect for chowder, makes great fish tacos and can be a great addition to any style of seafood stew.

For Your Waitstaff

Cod is one of our most beloved American fish. That is, it’s mild flavored with a clean taste – perfect for even those customers who claim they “hate” fish!

For Your Retail Display

If you have customers looking for an affordable, mild and easy fish to work with – Lingcod is the perfect suggestion!