Hamachi, Collars


Sustainability Rating:

Red – Avoid


Hamachi is Japanese for a certain species of Amberjack (Japanese Amberjack) that is farm raised. Hamachi is often confused or substituted for Hiramasa (or Yellowtail), which is also an Amberjack (Yellowtail Amberjack).

Available Year-Round


Where: Japan
How: Farm-Raised


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Hamachi is technically a farmed yellowtail; with the same fantastic flavor and rich, luxurious texture due to a nice high-fat content but with more dependable availability than its wild counterpart.

  • CS22=12PK/1.75#PK
  • Sushi Grade Product

For Your Menu

Delight your diners with the exquisite and delectable taste of Japanese Amberjack collars! Hamachi, as it is more commonly known, has a rich buttery flavor that will have guests raving – from its high-fat content giving it a luxurious texture to being farmed-raised for dependability. Simply season lightly and roast or chargrill these delicious collars for an unbeatable seafood dining experience!

For Your Waitstaff

Enjoy the buttery flavor of Hamachi Collars paired with a zesty white wine for an ideal balance of sweetness and acidity. This is sure to be a tantalizing combination that your guests’ taste buds won’t forget!

For Your Retail Display

For customers craving something extraordinary and delicious, the Hamachi collar is a perfect addition to your seafood case! This unique item will have shoppers stopping in their tracks – just make sure you’re stocked up on citrus ponzu for an unbeatable flavor combination.