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Red Swamp Crayfish are the most commonly farm-raised species of Crayfish raised in the U.S.

Available year-round


Where – Louisiana and N. California

How – Farm Raised


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You can keep it simple with a crayfish boil, or incorporate these tasty crustaceans into soups, bisques, gumbo, étouffée, crayfish pie and pasta dishes.  The meat has a sweet flavor and cooks up firm.

For Your Menu

Of course Crayfish are popular around Mardi Gras, but they can add a southern touch to your menu any time of year.

For Your Waitstaff

A first-time crayfish eater may find they taste like shrimp – sweet and delicious!  Don’t forget an icy cold beer (maybe even one from Louisiana)!

For Your Retail Display

Stick a bottle of Tabasco sauce into your Crayfish display – these two iconic Louisiana flavors go great together!

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