Swordfish (DSBG Caught)


Why Deep-Set Buoy Gear?

  • Buoy strike indicators show when a fish is on the line, allowing for rapid processing of swordfish and live release of non-target catch
  • Non-targets like sea turtles and sharks are avoided by strategically positioning hooks at depths below the surface waters during the day
  • Deep-setting provides the west coast with a low-impact option for landing local swordfish

Why Care About Capture Method?

Artisanal methods like buoy gear and harpoon have the lowest bycatch rates and highest product quality.

Understanding bycatch and where your fish comes from is the first step towards conservation and long-term sustainability.

Sustainability Rating:

Green-Best Choice


Deep Set Buoy Gear Swordfish – an artisanal California fishery initiated by PIER (Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research) and Santa Monica Seafood.

DSBG is designed to catch swordfish while minimizing bycatch. Overall DSBG has a higher catch rate of swordfish versus other species caught.

Available year-round


Where: Southern California from San Diego up to Ventura County

How: Deep-Set Buoy Gear (DSBG) – An innovative fishing method that couples science with artisanal hook and line techniques.

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DSBG high-quality Swordfish meat is moist and flavorful with a slightly sweet taste. Steaks have a moderately high oil content and a firm, meaty texture.

For Your Menu

Swordfish’s meaty, firm texture means it’s great on the grill and can stand up to a variety of cooking applications.

For Your Waitstaff

Customers can feel good about their choice.  Deep-set buoy gear is designed to avoid bycatch and provide fishers with a clean way to harvest a healthy West Coast resource.

For your die-hard meat eaters, swordfish provides an opportunity to enjoy seafood with some “oomph”!

For Your Retail Display

Go ahead and cut some swordfish into chunks and thread on skewers – your customers will love this easy grab-and-go option for the grill!