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Also called Sepia, Cuttlefish is similar to squid

Available Year-Round


Where – Mediterranean

How – Wild Caught


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Cuttlefish are similar to octopus and squid, with a unique flavor and firm texture.

For Your Menu

Grill or pan fry cuttlefish; since it comes from the Mediterranean why not work with the flavors of Greece or Italy? Add some fresh herbs, olives and capers and a bit of garlic. In Italy you’ll find risotto al nero di seppia ‘risotto with cuttlefish ink’; sounds delicious!

For Your Waitstaff

For those that aren’t familiar with Cuttlefish, they may know it by the name Sepia. Either way, it’s easy to describe its flavor and texture as “squid-like”.

For Your Retail Display

Just like we suggest to our Restaurant customers, let your curious shopper know that Cuttlefish is very similar to squid and can be enjoyed any way they enjoy squid.