Crab Meat (Pasteurized)


Species Name:
Portunus pelagicus
Sustainability Rating:

GreyGrey – Unranked


Meat from the Blue Swimmer Crab.

We carry a variety of styles and options of this delicious crab meat.

Available Year-Round

Where – Asia and Mexico

How – Wild Caught/Pots, traps

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CharacteristicsPasteurized Crab Meat is available in a variety of sizes and styles:

Colossal and jumbo Lump comes from the two large muscles connected to the swimming fins of the crab (colossal meat is from larger crabs than jumbo lump. These are your most expensive options and best used in a high-end cocktail or other presentation where the meat is left intact

Backfin is produced from the broken pieces of jumbo lump and special crab meat. Use it for crab cakes, or as a stuffing for fish, like sole.

Special comes from the smaller pieces of white body meat. Use special in crab cakes or bisques.

Claw is from the swimming fins of the crab,  and has a brown color and stronger flavor making it a good option for very flavorful dishes and soups.

Your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep can walk you through pricing and other options.

For Your Menu

MenuWith a wide range of options, crab meat is versatile and can shine on any type of menu.

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffCrab cakes are a great shared item – perfect for a romantic meal!

For Your Retail Display

Retail These cans are very convenient with a good shelf life.