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The flower crab, also known as the blue crab, blue swimmer crab, blue manna crab, or sand crab, is a large crab species found in the Indo-Pacific region, including the coasts of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

Available Year-Round


Where: Various Regions

How: Wild Caught

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Pacific Cove crab meat is known for its superior quality, outstanding flavor, and texture. It is a trusted brand in the industry and has earned strong customer loyalty. Pacific Cove ensures consistent year-round availability of their crab meat. They use only live crabs and handpick them to ensure the highest quality. The crab meat is virtually shell-free and undergoes a HACCP-approved process, without any chemical or bleaching enhancements. Pacific Cove is among the largest crab importers in the world, with a dozen processing facilities in Asia packaging their products. They stand behind the quality of their crab meat and offer support to their customers.

• 100% hand-picked using only live crabs
• Virtually shell-free
• HACCP approved
• No chemical or bleaching enhancements
• A trusted brand in the industry
• Year-round availability

For Your Menu

Experience culinary excellence with our premium pasteurized crab meat – a hallmark of quality and flavor that elevates your dining experience. Explore these menu tips to make the most of its versatility:

  • Elevate salads with succulent lump crab meat.
  • Create indulgent crab cakes for a delightful appetizer.
  • Enhance pasta dishes with the rich and delicate flavor of crab.
  • Elevate your sushi and seafood rolls with our high-quality pasteurized crab meat.

For Your Waitstaff

Entice customers to savor your menu’s crab meat delight by vividly describing the dish, emphasizing the succulent and sweet notes of our premium pasteurized crab meat. Showcase its versatility and suggest delightful wine pairings from our selection, enhancing the overall dining experience. Your waitstaff’s enthusiasm in conveying these details can inspire diners to explore and enjoy this exquisite culinary offering.

For Your Retail Display

Showcase canned crab meat prominently in the seafood case, ensuring a visually appealing and neatly arranged display. Include a concise brochure nearby, offering recipes, nutrient information, and perhaps a fantastic wine recommendation for a complete culinary experience.