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The Meat from the Queen Conch (a giant sea-snail).

Available Year-Round


Where – Caribbean/Bahamas

How – Wild Caught/Diver


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Conch meat is enjoyed raw (salads, ceviche) or cooked (fritters, chowders). Conch has a sweet flavor, like  abalone or clam, and a firm, crunchy texture.

For Your Menu

Conch is considered to be the main dish of the Bahamas – why not honor that legacy on your menu with a Bahamanian version?  It’s delicious in a ceviche!

For Your Waitstaff

If your customer doesn’t know what a Conch looks like, you can describe it as the big shell you sometimes see tropical islanders using as a horn…

For Your Retail Display

If you can get your hands on a beautiful conch shell, it adds a nice touch to your display!