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BlueBlue – Santa Monica Seafood Approved


Cobia are the sole member of their scientific family, the Rachycentridae.

Available Year-Round


Where – Panama

How – Farm Raised


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Cobia are delicious and a favorite of sport fishermen… The problem with catching them commercially in the wild is that they don’t school – enter aquaculture!  Cobia grow quickly and have been growing in popularity for fish farmers over the last decade.  We love them because of their firm, delicious flesh!  We are sourcing our Cobia from an innovative farm in Panama – learn more about Open Blue at their website

For Your Menu

Cobia is very versatile to work with and has a white firm flesh and a mild flavor when cooked. Serve grilled, roasted, pan seared or barbequed!

For Your Waitstaff

Don’t hesitate to recommend Cobia to your customers, they’ll love its mild flavor!  If anyone asks what a Cobia looks like, you can let them know they kind of look like a shark.

For Your Retail Display

If you’re offering Cobia, you’ll probably have to really work with your customers to get them to try it. It’s a great fish to feature as part of an in-store demo – customers will love the chance to try something new!