Oysters, Chelsea Gem


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Farm Raised Pacific Oyster

Available Year-Round


Where – Eld Inlet – South Puget Sound, Washington

 How – Farm Raised
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Chelsea Gems have a clean, mineral flavor.  They are mild and briny, making them a great choice for a first time oyster eater, but you may also notice subtle flavors of cucumber, horseradish, and slate.  We offer two sizes – 3 – 4″ and 4 – 5″, both in 60 ct. units.

Prop 65 Information

For Your Menu

Since these oysters are on the mild side, keep the accompaniments quiet. Let the subtle flavor of the Chelsea Gem speak for itself!

For Your Waitstaff

Here’s a bit of wisdom from the oyster growers themselves, Shina Wysocki & Kyle Lentz, “We take pride in farming in harmony with Mother Nature. If you are enjoying our shellfish, you are having a piece of what we love. The bay is our gift to protect. The oysters are a reflection of her clean, calm waters. They taste of cucumbers and ocean.  Their deep cupped shells are an example of farming ingenuity and the power of the tides.”

For Your Retail Display

Don’t forget to hold on to those Shell Stock tags – if you have any oyster handling questions, check in with your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep today!