Barramundi (USA)


Sustainability Rating:

grey – unrated


Barramundi (aka Giant Perch or Asian Seabass) has sky rocketed to international fame due to its adaptability to aquaculture. The name Barramundi came from the Australian Aboriginal language meaning large-scaled river fish.  Consistent pricing and supply makes it a menu standout; it’s also delicious!

Available Year-Round


Where – USA

How – Farm Raised


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Barramundi has pinkish-white flesh and cooks up firm and flaky.  With a clean, mild and sweet flavor and delicious skin that crisps up nicely when cooked, Barramundi will quickly become the star of your menu.

For Your Menu

Pair this tasty fish with whatever white wine you have on your menu!  Or, suggest a cold lager – Barramundi goes great with beer.

For Your Waitstaff

Barramundi is a great fish to suggest to people who claim they don’t like seafood – it’s very mild, wonderfully flaky and moist.

For Your Retail Display

Encourage people to try Barramundi if they haven’t yet – it cooks up quickly, like Snapper or Rockfish and they can sauté it, bake it, or broil it. Once they try it, they’ll love it!