Culinary Director, Eddie Moran

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Having learned a variety of world cuisines under the tutelage of many prestigious chefs, Chef Eddie Moran has brought his culinary talent and expertise to Foundation 10 Creative in Palm Springs. Chef Moran comes from a family of cooks where the kitchen was always crowded. Naturally, he was drawn to cooking at a young age. He watched classic PBS kitchen shows with his grandmother and wrote down the recipes in order to re-create them for the family. He has fun memories of catching crayfish and trout in the lakes of Kern County, California with his father. They would roast the trout and make a crayfish stew using local ingredients.

Despite Chef Moran’s interest in cooking, he originally never considered it as a career option. During college, he worked hospitality jobs as a server and bartender. While sitting in his dorm, he caught a commercial for the California Culinary Academy, and everything clicked. He dropped out of college that month and enrolled in the San Francisco school.

Chef Moran’s culinary foundation and ethos are defined by his Californian farm-to-table mindset, and Mexican and El Salvadorian heritage. He believes the most important factor when purchasing seafood is sustainability. It is the responsibility of food industry professionals to use the best quality seafood available. Personal favorites include shrimp and scallops. He says, “the key is to use quality scallops and take the time to pat them dry on a towel before searing them on a high heat to perfection.” Chef Eddie has kind words for Santa Monica Seafood representative Mychelle Shook, “She is a perfect example of someone who is all about customer service… it’s a pleasure to work with a company that feels like an extended family.”

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