Our State Of The Art Corporate Facility

The heart of our operation is at our wholesale seafood production and distribution facility in Rancho Dominquez, California.

With over 118,000 square feet of office space, warehouse storage, and food processing rooms, Santa Monica Seafood Company’s primary processing/distribution operation is second to none.

Our recent $10+ million plant expansion now provides:

  • Over 16,000 square feet of freezer storage cooled to an icy -10°F at all times.
  • Almost 18,000 square feet of cooler storage, and
  • A 25,000-pound capacity live lobster system with the lowest mortality rate in the industry
  • Temperature-controlled processing and packing environment that never reaches above 38°F.
  • Whole Processing Area Ozonated Water System to reduce bacteria and virus cross-contamination
  • A highly trained staff who are committed to the highest standards in hygiene, food safety and timeliness of delivery

A Commitment to Freshness

As soon as our seafood arrives from the coast, it’s transferred into our production center via one of 17 temperature-controlled loading dock bays. From there, it travels to our 13,000-square-foot food processing space, which includes cutting rooms, value-added rooms, and a production kitchen.

Automated systems also help to reduce handling time while ensuring consistency, accuracy, and quality. Some of the automated food processing systems we use include:

  • Salmonids fillet machine
  • Automated fish de-scaler
  • Salmonids dual lane pin bone remover
  • Skinner machine
  • Automated portion cutter
  • Vacuum skin pack equipment
  • Automated labeling systems
  • Automated finished goods conveyor system
  • A 24-hour surveillance system with over 100 cameras

We’re proud to say that there is no seafood production facility that takes safety and quality assurance more seriously than Santa Monica Seafood Company.

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