Understanding Customers and Selling More Seafood

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A new study by Constellation Brands research about different types of wine consumers had some interesting ideas that we think can easily apply to how you choose the seafood you’re offering your customers. This article on Beveragedaily.com outlines this 6 categories as:

  • Engaged Newcomers
  • Everyday Loyalists
  • Price Driven
  • Overwhelmed
  • Image Seekers
  • Enthusiasts

What does that have to do with your next seafood order? Everything! Each one of your customers is going to engage with the complicated world of seafood in their own way and understanding what motivates them is key to providing them with an amazing experience.

So, what are they thinking about? Engaged Newcomers and the Overwhelmed may have concerns with issues they see in the media – mercury, over fishing, mislabeling – all these hot topics leave consumers feeling confused. Training and education can keep you and your waitstaff on top of those issues (let us know how we can help!).

They may also be looking for mild fish in simple preparations. Pacific cod, salmon, domestic catfish, shrimp; these are “gateway” seafood choices that customers are comfortable with. Sustainability no brainers like wild Alaska salmon and halibut or famed clams and mussels make it easy. Check out the Seafood Watch Super Green list for even more suggestions.

Price Driven customers can benefit from our daily specials and seasonal price breaks. Right now Wild California Sea Bass is in season and pricing is great – get it on the menu now! High quality frozen seafood is another options. Our newest cod option – Village Cove Pot-Caught Pacific Cod – is an excellent fish choice at the right price.

Image seekers? Imagine Seafood Towers piled high with king crab legs and jumbo shrimp turn heads. Big lobster tails, caviar set ups, table side preparations, whatever causes a stir – get creative!

Enthusiasts are looking for seafood choices that they can really sink their teeth into – think “Trash Fish” as popularized by Chef’s Collaborative, or any number of options that come with unique and interesting stories. Who caught this fish and where? Add some locally sourced Sablefish and Rockfish from Morro Bay, Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, Uni Roe and oysters to your menu (and make sure your menu descriptions are as mouth watering as your recipes).

We’ve got such a wide range of seafood options you’ll have no problem reaching any type of consumer. Let us know how we can help you diversify your selection!