Shrimp, Yellowleg


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GreyGrey – Unranked

Santa Monica Seafood is financially supporting a Fishery Improvement Project focused on the Gulf of California Yellowleg Shrimp fishery. You can learn more about this and other RSVP Projects by clicking here.


Yellowleg Shrimp

Available year-round


Where – Gulf of California (Mexico)

How – Wild Caught/Trawl


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Yellowleg Shrimp has a characteristic sweet, shrimp flavor and cooks up firm and delicious.

For Your Menu

Menu Yellowleg shrimp as you would any shrimp – it’s very versatile (and is also delicious raw).

For Your Waitstaff

Pair Yellowleg Shrimp with a crisp white wine, a refreshing local beer or your favorite sparkling wine!

For Your Retail Display

Don’t forget the cocktail sauce! Santa Monica Seafood offers a hand-crafted zesty version you’ll love – ask your Sales Rep for more info.