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Grey – Unrated


Also known as Sea Bass, Bass and Stone Bass, this is a deep-water species and sought after fish due to its reputation for superior flavor and texture. This king of the depths has a dark grey upper body and light grey/silver belly with a massive head and mouth.

Available year-round


Where: South Atlantic, East Coast, New Zealand

How: Wild; Bottom Long-line, Hook and Line



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Depending on the size of the Wreckfish, the flavor and texture can range from sweet and delicate in the smaller specimens to juicy and heavy-flaked on the larger fish. Some compare this fish to grouper, but its so firm and meaty that some also compare it to swordfish.

From the pristine depths of New Zealand, this fish cooks up pearly white and is a highly sought after winner in its class.

For Your Menu

This fish holds together very well. Its thick flesh will soak up auxiliary flavors making it a flexible fish to work with.


For Your Waitstaff

If your customers are looking for something mild and sweet, suggest Wreckfish – they’ll love it! We recommend pairing this delicious fish with a refreshing New Zealand white wine or rose!

For Your Retail Display

This is a great option to recommend to customers looking for something new – it’s easy to cook, mild in flavor and works well in any recipe calling for bass or grouper.