Oysters (wild), Wellfleet


Sustainability Rating:

Wild Harvested Eastern Oysters

Available year-round (weather dependent)


Where – Wellfleet Harbor in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

How – Wild Caught/hand picked


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Wild Wellfleet Oysters are naturally setting oysters that attach to rocks and shells. They take 3 years to grow to market size at which point fishermen pick them at low tide. Salty and crisp with a mild seaweed finish.

For Your Menu

These oysters are WILD! Make sure you note that on the menu – it’s a rare treat!

For Your Waitstaff

Just in case it’s not noted on the menu, let your guests know that these oysters are harvested from the wild – not often the case!

For Your Retail Display

Just like we mention above, make sure your customers understand what a rare treat it is to enjoy wild oysters…