Oysters, Totten Virginica


Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


East Coast (Crassostrea virginica) Oysters grown in Pacific waters!

Available Year-Round


Where – Totten Inlet (South Puget Sound, WA)

How – Farm-raised


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These unique 3″-size oysters have an attractive pear shape with a somewhat flat top shell and slightly concave bottom shell. The edge is smoother than and lacks the sharp flutes of, the Pacific and Kumamoto Oysters with meat that is beige-cream with a thin slightly black or brown trimmed mantle.

For Your Menu

Feature these oysters raw on the half shell – your customers will love them! Like all West Coast oysters, you can count on full, robust flavor, so work in your favorite accompaniment.

For Your Waitstaff

Make sure your guests have plenty of ice-cold beer or a crisp white wine to enjoy with these tasty oysters.

For Your Retail Display

East Coast oyster, raised on the West Coast! Make sure you communicate how unique this oyster is to your customers and don’t forget the lemons, limes, and cocktail sauce – these colorful items can brighten up any oyster display.