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Sometimes called “Clown of the Sear” or “Rainbow Tilefish” due to its wild and colorful patterning, this is a beautiful and delicious fish.

Available Sporadically Year-Round


Where – Mid-Atlantic/Southern New England

How – Wild Caught/Longline


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Tilefish is one of those fish you may hear termed “poor man’s lobster” because it has a unique, lobster-like flavor and texture.  Firm and easy to work with.

For Your Menu

Tilefish is quite versatile – roast it, broil or grill it, sauté or pan fry. However you prepare it, make the most of it’s lobster-like flavor.

For Your Waitstaff

Tilefish is a good source of niacin and phosphorus, and a very good source of protein, vitamin B12, and selenium. Customers may have questions about mercury, as Tilefish is often singled out for having higher levels than other fish. This is not true of fish harvested from the Mid-Atlanic, but more an issue with fish from the Gulf of Mexico. Here is some more information from the FDA.

For Your Retail Display

If you can find a whole Tilefish, display one in your case! They are beautiful…